Dolly Dagger (marilynmichelle) wrote,
Dolly Dagger

"I reach out from the inside..."

Why in the fuck do I have, "In Your Eyes" by Peter Gabriel stuck on repeat at the moment? Oh yeah, because I strangely love this song.

God, life is insane at the moment. I've been sleeping about three hours a night. If I'm lucky, I get five. It was good to get out this morning, but now I don't want to go to class. Ugh-oh! But yeah, things are definitely crazy.

We open in less than a week and a half. "The Tamer Tamed" opens in less than a week and a half!!!! I'm getting anxious about it. I've waited a long time to be in a mainstage. Now I'm about to make my debut. It's crazy. It just feels surreal.

Everything is going very well right now. I am fairly content. I mean, in every way but two, but one I am currently working on, and the other I cannot control. Yeah, I'm still pretty infatuated, but I feel splendid and I am truly enjoying these feelings. It's been awhile since I was excited about a member of the opposite sex. Just grand. All it takes is a thought or the sight of his face. It isn't going to go anywhere, I know that. But, I can play pretend, can't I? I just don't know...

Oh good, I just switched to "Gold Lion" by the Yeah Yeah Yeahs. I love it.

Ok, back to bed for a spell...
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