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"Find out how much Love the world can hold..."

I quite often forget that there are also others in this world that are having quite a struggle with this business of love, just like myself. Their issues may be like mine (rather small in comparison to the real problems of the world), or much larger, and this idea humbles me. Who am I to complain? I find a strange comfort in the fact that I am not the only one who seems to be lost.

We all seem to have that one person that, at one point in time, we loved rather dearly, who made a lasting impression on our lives in profound and extreme ways, who stretched and changed us into different people, and then somehow lost. We all have that one person that we put on a pedestal. And then, somehow we find the way to move on, to move forward, although that person's imprint shall always be left upon us.

It is truly amazing to see how similar we all can be from time to time in this world of great diversity. We all experience the basic, no matter how extraordinary that basic may be. I find it truly fascinating.

Sometimes, I am very grateful for small, Livejournal discoveries.
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