Dolly Dagger (marilynmichelle) wrote,
Dolly Dagger

"All I wanted was you. Fire eye'd boy giv'em all the slip..."

Okay, so the general announcement is this:

All those interested in seeing my next show, "Thyestes, Or Whatever Happened to Emily Dickinson?" the information is as follows-

Show Performances:
April 7th and 8th at 8 p.m.

Butler Univeristy/ Theatre Lab in Lilly Hall, Room 328

I must WARN everyone that this is going to be a very experimental and intense show. The meaning will be very ambiguous and there is very limited seating with the audience. Only between 50 and 60 people will be allowed in to the theatre because there are about 22 performers in the piece and we will be using as much of the space as possible. So, if you want to comeyou need to get here early and I need to know as soon in advance as possible so I can reserve seating. We are also having two dress rehearsals on Wednesday and Thursday at 8 p.m. as well. So, come out if you would like.

In other news, I am doing very well. Fairly tired, but I am enjoying every moment of rehearsals and I am going to be very sad when this show ends, for more reasons than one. No massive problems to report on. I'm still completely infatuated (sadly) with a certain someone and completely confused by what is taking place, but it's all good. I am enjoying the chase quite a bit and I am fairly content, although I am prone to moments of extreme frustration when it comes to him. But, my family is well, my friends are well, and I am still breathing.
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