Dolly Dagger (marilynmichelle) wrote,
Dolly Dagger

The NEWS!!!!!

It's really not all that important.

Mr. Michael Hart: I WILL be attending your graduation party this weekend. Which means that the whole family is gonna freakout and bitch when they see my hair. Good times, good times. That's right, I've done something to it.

To the General Public: This means that I will be in West Terre Haute for the weekend, though I doubt any of you from "home" really care that I will be home. Just thought I would share.

And in other news:

I think that the Tomcat mousetrap is probably the most inhumane thing I have ever witnessed. If you don't know what it is, let me indulge you. A Tomcat mousetrap is a thin piece of plastic in the shape of a rectangle no bigger than 4" long. The surface portion is coated in an incredibly sticky substance that has been specially designed to stick to mice paws. When a rodent runs across the surface of this contraption, it immediately sticks to it, and the rodent can then not move or free itself. It's stuck there until it dies. And the more the rodent struggles, the more it sticks to the trap. I guess my house is full of mice, so my stepfather decided to get these kinds of traps instead of the good, old-fashioned ones that usually kill instantly. He set them all throughout the house after I moved in. Well, it had been a week and a half, and I hadn't seen any mice in these traps, so I thought that perhaps the mice were gone and I had nothing to worry about. WRONG! Last night as I am cooking dinner, I get the bright idea to check the trap next to the stove. To my horror, a mouse had been caught. It was so sad. The poor thing winced in pain because it was in a horrible position and it was terrified. I didn't know what to do. I can't kill it myself because I just can't bring myself to do it. I refused to throw it in the trash because it was still alive. So, my resolution was to just leave it where it is and let it die in some type of peace and isolation. I can't free the poor thing because it is stuck too much to the trap and they aren't designed to free mice. So, I actually dreamed about the mouse all night. When I awoke this morning I prayed that it was dead, but to no avail it was still breathing and just as terrified as ever. I moved it to a stair in the basement where I can't see it because everytime I would go in the kitchen I would just stare at it in pity. I feel like an awful person, and it is all because of a mouse. Seriously, these are the most inhumane things I have ever seen to kill mice with. They torture the mice. They either die by starvation, by chewing off their paws, or struggling so much against the trap that they break something. I think I just convinced myself to rid the entire house of these traps.

So yeah, there is my drama. I know, big deal.

I watched Secretary last night. It's a damn good movie. A little feel-good at the end, but oh well.

And I am so happy that Keve is moving in this weekend. It will be nice to have someone else in the house. The house is actually coming together now because I have been organizing it hardcore for the last two days.

Home this weekend! And now, time to finish my resume.
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