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Dolly Dagger
10 October 1984
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"What's coming is already on its way
With a role for me to play"

My journal, for unfortunate reasons, has become mainly "Friends Only". If you want to read anything of interest, friend me and I most likely will friend you back.
2 a.m., acting, actors and actresses, affection, alcohol, alfred hitchcock, all forms of art, artists, astronomy, attention, auditioning, balance, ballet, beauty, being in the moment, being kind to animals, being on stage, ben folds, ben folds five, ben lee, blonde redhead, bob dylan, boys who wear eyeliner, butler theatre, butler university, chicago, chocolate, cigarettes, cigars, coffee, coffee grounds, coldplay, comedy, conan o'brien, cooking, costume design, country roads, creating art, crushes, cynicism, directing, downtowns, drama, dreams, driving, edward albee, elvis costello, emotion, europe, exploration, eyeliner, eyes, faith, family, films, fiona apple, flirting, folklore, freud, friends, fucktards, garden gnomes, golf, great literature, history, hollywood, human nature, human potential, humanity, impulses, indianapolis, indie music, insomnia, john green, john lennon, kisses, laughter, lighting design, lightning, lipstick, lolita, long make-out sessions, love, makeup artistry, making a difference, margaritas, marilyn monroe, masks, men, musicians, new york, opera, painting, paris, passion, peace, philosophy, photography, physicality, plays, playwrights, poetry, portishead, predicting the future, pride, procrastination, psychic ability, psychology, radiohead, rain, roses, ryan adams, sarcasm, seattle, self-evolution, set design, sex, shakespeare, shirley manson, sleep, southern comfort, speeding, spontaniety, tea, tennis, terre haute, the 60's, the art of smoking, the ego, the exotic, the imagination, the moon, the number 8, the ocean, the present, the pursuit for love, the soul, the stars, the supernatural, theatre, theatrical movement, thunderstorms, travel, vanilla lattes, verbal sparring, vladimir nabokov, vodka, want, wes anderson, writers

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